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Finding The Right Brooklyn Dentist

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When it comes to choosing a dentist, there are some important factors to consider. First of all, do not rush into the selection. An emergency dental problem is not the time to be picking your dentist. To find the best dentist in Brooklyn, follow the guidelines below.


Hours And Location

Try and choose a dentist located near home, work or school. This makes scheduling routine care and appointments much easier. You should also ensure that the dentist office is open on the days and times you and your family can make appointments.



If you have dental insurance, ensure the dentist accepts your plan. Are payment plans available and are there several payment options, including credit cards and person checks? If you need to be referred to a specialist, will the dentist work your insurance plan to find the right specialist and make the referral? Also, it is important to remember that costs can vary by practice, so get an estimate of how much the dentist charges for common procedures like crowns, fillings or root canal therapy. Even with insurance, you will probably be paying some out-of-pocket costs.


Being Comfortable With The Dentist

Even if the dentist is reasonable, if you are not comfortable with him or her, the experience can be miserable. Does the dentist listen and allow you to describe your symptoms? Does it appear that they understand your concerns? Can you easily ask for pain medication if you need it or express your anxiety or fear of the procedure? Are you allowed to ask questions about any concerns you may have?


The Dentist’s Qualifications

The dentist and their staff should be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning training and qualifications. There should also be office policies concerning infection control. If the staff cannot answer your questions or seems uncomfortable or if you care unhappy with the answers, think about looking for another dentist. You can also do some online research on the qualifications of the dentist, either from your insurance carrier or through the local dental society. You can also find information on speciality dentists with this method as well.


Emergency And After-Hours Care

Ask the dentist office how they handle a dental emergency. Do they have extended hours or a means of accessing care after hours? You should never have to go to an emergency room for dental care. There should be some means of contacting your dentist or another dentist any time of the day or night. This can be by pager, cell phone or an answering service.



Most state dental boards will maintain a website where you can research and confirm that the dentist is licensed in that state. You should also be able to see if the dentist has any complaints or disciplinary actions.


Finding The Right Dentist

When you are looking for names of dentists, consider asking friends and family first. These are the people you trust and they are most likely to be honest about a dentist’s personality, the experience, and answer your questions. Ask them how long they were kept waiting and how long they had to wait before they could get an appointment? You might also ask them if the dentist did a good job explaining treatment options and were they comfortable asking questions. Ask them what they were told about emergency treatment and how the billing system works.

If you are moving, ask your current dentist for recommendations of dentists near your new location. They will typically know of a few or can certainly locate some names for you. You can also ask your physician for recommendations.

If you still need ideas or names, try calling your dental insurance company or checking their website. Your insurer will have a list of dentists in your are who participate in their insurance plan. They will also have vetted these dentists so you can feel comfortable that they are licensed. You may also pay a lower fee if you use a dentist that is in your insurance network.

Check with the state dental association. There is one of these in every state. They will be able to provide names of licensed dentists near you.

Choosing a good dentist in Brooklyn or any where else is an important decision. Follow these guidelines and you can be assured you are making the right choice.